what is resgato?

a strategic digital marketing agency located in Salt Lake City.

founded in 2012 by Taylor Brody

it starts with a consultation

Resgato (pronounced 'res-gah-toe') literally means to rescue. And that is usually where we start. We believe good marketing has the ability to rescue brands from otherwise disappearing into obscurity. Resgato digital marketing agency is here to Resgato your business. 

The founder, Taylor Brody, translates this mentality into the way that we work. We realize that each of our clients are unique and so are their customers. So when we start our conversations, we always keep that in mind.

marketing strategy

After our consultation, we'll come back to you with a tailored digital marketing strategy to help you get found. Our agency expertise is in developing plans that are timely and realistic both for your business and your budget.

Allow our Utah-based digital marketing agency time to develop a strategy that uses a selection of today's tools to leverage your brand both through paid media and organically. That way when our work is done, you're left happy for years to come. 


We're here to raise your brand up. The key to a successful and well-rounded digital campaign is the lift. From design to deployment to analysis, Resgato is all muscle, the whole way through.

Simply put, you have a real partner that is ready to expand with your business. Our success is yours. The next step is to allow us a chance and we'll make sure you're satisfied.

"Creative, precise, fast and professional"


We’re an SEO Agency

Today, Google rules the world. Organic search is most likely the most valuable marketing channel that you can add to your mix. We believe that search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for basically every brand and business that has an online presence today. So in our opinion, your company needs SEO asap. No matter the size.

Lucky for you, we're experts at SEO and able to help you get started in the right direction. We're here to help, just start here.


We know you're different than your competitors, that's why our PPC campaigns are customized for each client. And since we are an award winning digital marketing company that is Google and Facebook Certified, you can trust us.

Our PPC team develops unique and engaging content so your traffic converts. With our conversion-first approach, there won't be any left your PPC campaigns. With our experience in keyword research, competitor research, and advanced expert tease, we guarantee to provide you with PPC campaigns that will lower your CPA and increase your ROI.

Digital Marketing PPC

Award Winning and Certified Agency.

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Social Media Marketing

Whether you're new to the social world or a seasoned professional, we're able to step in and give you a boost. We're experts at engaging with your audiences and able to help identify new ones. We can help automate the constant maintenance that can burden some businesses and fight new algorithms designed to get you to spend more on your social media markting. Let us help, start here.

"Resgato is able to bring ideas and relay messages that are both poignant and simple."

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the cornerstones of a good digital marketing agencies strategy. There have been ways of naysayers and advocates, here at Resgato we believe that email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience and drive traffic to your site.

Through optimized capture forms, drip campaigns, segmentation and strong copy we can build an automated email marketing program for your company. Ask us how our digital marketing agency can help your business.